RC MOONGLADE Towel Collection - White Sand
RC REEF Towel Collection - White, Grey, Pink, Green


Discover RockyCay.

We are quickly becoming one of the most popular and well respected Australian towel brands. 

Towels for the bathroom, beach, gym. All in one store. 

Read what our customers are saying:

Caring for the environment.

Made with love

All our towels are manufactured with environmentally friendly practices. Water used to make our towels is recycled and all our packaging is recyclable.

Our love for the beach and the oceans go beyond towels.

Protecting the oceans

That's why we do our part by committing 5% of RockyCay’s profits to support organisations that aid in ocean conservation projects.

We currently donate to WWF-Australia, who is working to halt and reverse the decline of species and the health of reef ecosystems in the Great Barrier Reef, while reducing the impact of climate change. 


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RockyCay Towels Insights

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