RockyCay Towels Insights

Feel as though you have way more towels than you actually need, taking up space that could be used more efficiently? Or maybe you're buying your own towel sets for the first time and don't want to end up with too many or too few?  

How often should you wash your towels and how long should they last? Here's a few insights on bathroom towels...


How Many Towels Do I Need?

The number of towels that you need will vary depending on the number of adults, kids, and frequent guests in your household.

When it comes to bath towels and hand towels, the general rule is to have two of each for every member of the family, along with two extra hand towels for every child. If you host guests regularly, keep one or two extra sets of bath and hand towels in your linen closet.

This collection of towels will meet the needs of every family member without overflowing your closets or cabinets, so long as you do laundry on a regular basis.


How Long Should I Use a Towel Before Washing it?

Washing your towels once a week is okay. However, there are some circumstances where you may need to wash your towel every few days. This includes towels you use at the gym, towels kept in damp spaces, and towels used by those with sensitive skin issues like eczema.

When you do wash your towel, be sure to separate your whites from your dark and/or colour-saturated towels. Also wash your new towels before using them for the first time.


Can I Extend a Towel's Longevity?

First of all, how long do towels last? While cheaper towels only last for about a year, premium towels should last for at least 5 years. This makes them a wiser investment if you don't mind paying a bit more upfront.

As for extending a towel's longevity, the best thing you can do is wash them regularly and store them in dry, cool places.


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