Behind the Scenes: How a RockyCay Premium Cotton Towel is Created

Unsure if purchasing a premium cotton towel is worth the investment?

As tempting as it may be to buy the cheapest towel you can find online or in stores, doing so may cost you more in the long run. Premium cotton towels can be reused for far longer than cheap, mass-produced towels. The reason for this lies in how premium cotton towels are created.

Raw Materials are Organically Cultivated

The first step to creating a premium towel is to cultivate the raw materials. Different companies will use different materials, but RockyCay is committed to using 100% natural premium cotton – sourced from only the best certified sustainable growers.

Cotton is one of the best towel materials there is, especially when organically cultivated. The individual fibres of this cotton are naturally long, durable, and absorbent, making them ideal for forming strong threads. That's what gives RockyCay towels their resilience, high water absorbency, and comfort.

The Cotton is Converted to Yarn

Converting cotton into a yarn that can be used to manufacture towels is a lengthy process.

This process begins with a Uniflock machine that opens up the bales of cotton, lays down the materials, and blends the fibers together three times while filtering out the material's impurities. These fibres are now parallel, taking the form of thin twisted ropes. They're then straightened out by rollers and a combing machine to give them a long, straight shape that makes for stronger yarn.

The fibres are formed again into a twisted rope shape and then into rovings, a narrow bundle of fibres. The roving is then wound onto bobbins and ready to be spun into yarn.

For mass-manufacturers who care about quantity more than quality, what typically follows is some sort of harsh, chemical-packed bleaching process. RockyCay towels, on the other hand, are completely free from harmful chemicals and toxic dyes. This is done deliberately to achieve premium quality and to preserve the natural strength of the towel.

Spinning and Weaving By Hand

The spinning and weaving of RockyCay's premium towels is handled by our talented Production team in South America. They spin the bobbin by hand, converting the roving into proper towelling. To get the proper shape, the towelling is then tightly stretched and/or warped onto a beam before the weaving process begins.

These warped threads are fed into dobby looms where they become attached to harnesses. These harnesses raise and lower the warp threads so the weft (the crosswise threads) can be moved through. Tightly weaving the warp and weft threads together creates a resilient woven fabric.

Once the towels have been cut, hemmed, and coloured, they undergo a final inspection, one by one, to ensure their quality. Those that pass the inspection are hand folded, packaged using recyclable materials, and shipped out to our final customers!

RockyCay's High-Quality Production Process

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